Beef Something?

2Ib braising steaks
2 chopped onions
Chopped mushrooms
Chopped leaks at any other vegetables you particularly like (I used peas at carrots this time)
Merry Meats Chutney

Place in slow cooker. 3/4 pint stock, mix in 2 dessert spoons chutney (this time I used your Admirals Chutney but your Mango Chutney is equally as yummy) pour over meat and veg. Turn on low heat and leave all day for a healthy meal when you get in from work.

(Alternatively, cook in oven on low heat for a few hours and add liquid as necessary) Serve with potatoes, mashed with spoonful of wholegrain mustard or add potatoes to meat and vegetables at the start (for even less washing up’)

Thank you Fay.

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