Starting a Merry Meats Saver Club is the best way for you and your family to budget towards Christmas. The sooner you start saving the more prepared you will be for Christmas. Please ask a member of staff in the shop if you have any questions.

Below are some frequently asked questions.


What is the Merry Meats Savers Club?
The savers club is simple way for you and your family to budget for Christmas. Each week you can put aside a chosen amount towards your savings goal.


How much can I save?
You can save what you want, when you want. Setting a savings goal is a great way to start. Our illustrations below give you a good idea for your savings target.


When do I have access to my savings?
You can access your savings anytime.


How do I join?
Joining the Merry Meats Saver Club is easy – just pop into the shop and ask a member of staff.